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4 Common FAQs About Irrigation Systems November 16, 2017

Antelope Park, Lincoln
4 Common FAQs About Irrigation Systems, Lincoln, Nebraska

Whether you have several acres to maintain or a carefully designed garden, a professionally installed irrigation system is the best way to keep your outdoor spaces green and healthy all year long. However, these systems can be a lot more complicated than they first appear, with various types designed for different applications. Below are some answers to common questions you might have if you’re planning on installing an irrigation system or having trouble with your sprinklers.

Common Irrigation System FAQs

What Type of Sprinkler Heads Do I Need?

irrigation systemManufacturers offer several designs and options, each suited for different types of plants and lawn configurations. Fixed-spray heads, for example, create a tight fan of water ideal for small lawns and watering specific shrubs, while traditional rotating devices supply less water to a larger area. An irrigation design specialist can recommend the best sprinkler heads for your lawn.

For How Long Should I Run My Irrigation System?

How long you should water for depends on the soil conditions, the type of plants, and your local climate. Generally, you’ll probably need to run a rotary head for 30 minutes or so, while spray heads only need to run for approximately 15 minutes. Your installation professional can set separate timers for each zone of your hard.

How Much Water Pressure Does an Irrigation System Need?

Most municipal water supplies provide plenty of water pressure for an irrigation system, but older plumbing may have deposits that restrict the flow of water. If your plumbing system doesn’t have enough water pressure, a good contractor can recommend the necessary upgrades.

Why Isn’t One of My Sprinkler Heads Working?

When only one sprinkler head isn’t working, the problem could be as simple as dirt buildup on the component itself which blocks the flow of water. However, the problem could be more serious, especially if more than one head is affected, so call a repair professional as soon as possible.

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