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Why It’s Important to Get an Oil Change Regularly November 21, 2017

North Madison, Lake
Why It’s Important to Get an Oil Change Regularly, North Madison, Ohio

A routine oil change is one of the most common reasons why car owners take their vehicles in for service. It’s a basic maintenance procedure that has to be done at least every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. But why does engine oil need to be changed so frequently? Read below to gain some insights on why it’s important to stick to your oil change schedule.  

Why Is Regular Oil Change Important?

oil changeYour engine is made up of many moving parts that require constant lubrication to prevent damage and ensure top performance. Having your oil changed regularly plays a role in prolonging engine life and saving you money. Motor oil collects and absorbs water, dust, and dirt particles as it circulates within your engine. As it ages, oil breaks down and transforms into a sludge-like substance that won’t be able to absorb contaminants anymore. When that happens, oil can’t properly do its job. Sludge will eventually decrease your engine’s performance and fuel economy. That’s why you need to change your oil periodically. It not only keeps your engine clean, but it also restores its performance.

What Are the Benefits of Regular Oil Change?

Fresh oil will coat all moving parts effectively, preventing metal on metal contact and resulting in a more fluid operation of the engine. An oil change can also improve gas mileage by 1% to 2% since engine components don’t have to work harder. You may think it’s not much, but it translates to saving an entire gallon of gas for a year. Another reason for a top-up is to prevent the engine from overheating. Old oil loses its ability to regulate the temperature within the engine. This can create too much friction and heat from moving parts, which could cause severe engine damage.


Changing your oil on time will keep your vehicle roadworthy. Let the team at Madison Muffler and Auto in Lake County, OH, take care of your auto servicing needs. They are a trusted auto repair shop that provides a range of services, including oil changes, brake repair, tire service, and tuneups. Call them at (440) 428-2677 or visit them online today.