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The History & Evolution of Welding November 22, 2017

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The History & Evolution of Welding, Wood, Missouri

Welding is the practice of fusing together different kinds of metals and plastics to make pipes, beams, brackets, and many other essential industrial products. The method has been around since before the Middle Ages and has made substantial advancements over the centuries. Douglass Steel, a metal fabrication company based in Mountain Grove, MO, shares a brief history of welding and its evolution throughout the years.

Bronze Age

steelThe earliest examples of welding go all the way back to the Bronze Age, the period beginning in the B.C. era and lasting to around 1200 AD. The iron pillar of Delhi, built around 300 A.D., is perhaps the most famous demonstration of Bronze Age welding. The pillar weighs approximately 13,000 pounds and has long fascinated scientists and academics because of its longevity and display of technical mastery. 

19th Century

The 1800s saw major advancements in welding. During this period, welders began using open flames, which allowed them to mold more complex, finely detailed objects. In addition, the century saw the discovery of electrical arcs that had major implications for welding, allowing craftsmen to melt metals more efficiently. 


In the 1970s, one major scientific breakthrough reinvented the trade: magnetic pulse welding. In this form, magnetic forces are used to fuse metal pieces together. One of the major advantages magnetic pulse welding has over previous forms of the practice is its ability to seamlessly fuse disparate metals. 

If you’re in the welding industry, Douglass Steel is your go-to metal provider in Mountain Grove, MO. For over half a century, the team has been providing exceptional metal and steel fabrication services. The professionals specialize in steel, aluminum, iron, and copper, and always ensure their metal comes from the best manufacturing plants in the world. Visit the team's website to learn more about their manufactured metal products, or call them directly at (417) 926-5589. 

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