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Car Repair Experts List 4 Signs of Transmission Failure November 22, 2017

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Car Repair Experts List 4 Signs of Transmission Failure, Geneseo, New York

If neglected, minor transmission problems can rapidly escalate to failure, which, in turn, will require either a rebuild or replacement. Both of these options are labor intensive and costly. However, you can prevent this if you know how to recognize the signs a transmission system is about to fail. M & R Automotive Service Center, a leading car repair shop in Geneseo, NY, lists some of the indicators you need to watch out for.

Car Repair Specialists Share 4 Signs of Transmission Failure

1. Transmission Slipping

A properly functioning transmission, regardless of whether it’s manual or automatic, should change gears smoothly. If you feel the gear shifting for no apparent reason, you are experiencing a slip. This issue is often caused by the transmission bands getting thin, as well as burnt and inadequate fluid. If you experience slipping, have your vehicle inspected at a car repair shop immediately.

2. Lack of Response & Delayed Engagement

With automatic transmissions, if there is a delayed response when you shift your gear from park to drive, it might be a sign your transmission is failing. For manual vehicles, delayed engagement and lack of response after you shift gears, coupled with the car not moving as fast as it should, signal an issue. Problems like these should be addressed immediately because they make your vehicle unsafe to drive.

3. Clunking & Whining Noises

car repairA worn-out transmission produces specific noises, such as clunking and whining, every time you shift gears. Most clunking sounds are caused by excessive wear on the rubber dampers, problems with individual gears, and issues with transmission bearings. Whining noises, on the other hand, are often caused by low fluid levels, which might indicate you need to replenish it or it’s leaking. If you hear any unusual sounds when shifting gears, have your transmission system checked right away.

If you’re looking for an expert auto mechanic for your car repair and maintenance needs, drop by M & R Automotive Service Center. This shop has over 20 years of experience providing a variety of auto services, ranging from simple oil changes to extensive engine repairs. Call them at (585) 243-1201, or visit them online to schedule an appointment.

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