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3 Reasons You May Need Foundation Repair November 20, 2017

Auburndale, Pond Creek
3 Reasons You May Need Foundation Repair, Pond Creek, Kentucky

Your home is a significant investment. Accordingly, any issues must be remedied immediately to ensure your investment remains sound. This is certainly true of foundation repair, and in Kentucky, many homeowners look to the Dwyer Company when they need skilled service. From basement waterproofing to geotechnical services, both individuals and businesses look to this company for construction expertise.

3 Signs You Need Foundation Repair

Plumbing Leaks

A slab leak can ravage your home’s foundation if it’s left unchecked. These plumbing leaks occur when a pipe under your home is cracked or otherwise compromised. Slab leaks can be identified by higher than average utility bills, as well as the sound of running water without explanation. If the leak is left untreated, soil shifting can result in the need for foundation repair.

Weather Changes

foundation repairChanges in weather can also impact your foundation in a negative way. Soil shifting is common throughout the year as the ground freezes and thaws. As a result, your foundation may be impacted, and this can cause problems in the home itself. Cracks in the concrete, bowed walls, and far more extensive damage can occur when changing seasons leads to problems with your foundation.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are another common cause of foundation issues. As tree roots expand on your property, they can make contact with your foundation, causing heaving and buckling. Before any problems occur, consider having trees removed by a professional service to ensure your foundation remains intact.

With three convenient locations, local customers can easily access the many services provided by the Dwyer Company. Lexington, KY, residents can call (859) 231-0998, the Louisville, KY, office can be reached at (502) 489-5438, and customers in West Chester, OH, can access service by calling (513) 777-0998. If you’d like more information on the full range of services offered, including foundation repair, visit the website today.

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