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3 Reasons Your Business Needs Professional Carpet Cleaning November 22, 2017

East Oak Hill, Austin
3 Reasons Your Business Needs Professional Carpet Cleaning, Austin, Texas

As a business owner, you have a vested interest in putting your best foot forward. Your place of business should be clean and well kept. When it comes to welcoming customers into your offices, you simply can’t afford to have dingy-looking carpets. That’s where professional carpet cleaning comes in.

3 Reasons Professional Carpet Cleaning Is a Must for Your Business

1. Your Carpets Must Be Clean

The floor is one of the first things your customers will see when they come into your offices. Carpet is very noticeable because it’s everywhere you walk. If you have dirty or worn-down flooring, your customers may form an unfavorable impression of your company, even though your carpets technically have nothing to do with the products or services you provide.  

2. Carpet Is Expensive to Replace

carpet cleaningRegular professional carpet cleanings extend the life of your carpet. This is good news because carpet is expensive to replace, especially if it covers your entire office. Without regular cleanings, you won’t be able to keep carpet that is dirty or stained. Fortunately, carpet cleaning professionals have the products and knowledge to remove most stains, even old ones.

3. Carpet Contains Germs & Allergens

Carpet is comfortable to walk on and easy to maintain with regular vacuuming and carpet cleanings. The flip side is that carpet harbors germs and allergens because the fibers hold onto every speck of dust in your office. To avoid making everyone in your office sick, make carpet maintenance a priority.


If you’re looking for a professional carpet cleaning service, give the staff at JK Commercial Cleaning a call at (512) 228-1837. This commercial cleaning company provides janitorial services in the Austin, TX, area. They’re an environmentally friendly company that only uses green cleaning products. Visit the website to learn more about the services they offer. 

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