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3 Things to Expect From Open-Casket Funeral Services November 27, 2017

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3 Things to Expect From Open-Casket Funeral Services, Wayne, West Virginia

No two funeral services are designed the same way. With the help of an experienced funeral home, families can make funeral arrangements to fit their departed loved one’s preferences. For many families, open-casket funeral services are the right choice, as they give everyone one last chance to pay their respects and say their goodbyes in a meaningful way. While an open-casket service is certainly a viable choice, it can be somewhat disconcerting for certain members of the family, so it’s wise to know what to expect before the day arrives. 

Below are three things your funeral home wants you to know about open-casket services:

  • Kids Can Participate: If there are young children in attendance at the funeral services, they are welcome to participate in the viewing of the body. Parents should have a conversation beforehand discussing what they are about to see and giving them the ability to opt out of the viewing if need be. However, many families find that viewing the body at an open-casket funeral makes the grieving process a bit easier.
  • funeral servicesViewing Is Not Necessary: For many people, the idea of viewing the body of the deceased is too much to bear while they mourn. Since the idea of the funeral is not to upset the family, anyone can choose to skip the viewing and instead, spend time in the room with their friends and loved ones to honor the memory of the departed. 
  • Expect Embalming: When a person has passed away, their body is preserved through an embalming process, allowing for safe viewing and a restored appearance. While embalming can bring some color back to the body, it’s important to know that it won’t look like the person before they passed. If you or your kids plan to view the open casket, make sure everyone knows to expect a slightly different appearance and that the difference is completely normal.


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