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5 Tips For Managing Your Commercial Auto Insurance Rates March 4, 2015

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5 Tips For Managing Your Commercial Auto Insurance Rates, Fairfield, Ohio

Your business vehicles are a major investment, but they are also a major source of liability risk. Many business owners try to cut corners with their coverage in order to save money, but there are steps you can take to control your costs while still maintaining the right amount of insurance for your fleet. First Choice Insurance, Cincinnati’s high-risk insurance specialists, has some tips to help you manage your commercial auto insurance policies.

Take a look at these five tips:

  • Keep an eye on your employees’ driving records, especially when making new hires. Safe driving records usually result in lower rates, so ask your local independent insurance agent for help making sure your employee selections keep your premiums low.
  • Car insurance companies generally want to see proof of prior coverage, so letting your current policy lapse will almost always result in higher rates on your next one.
  • Businesses are eligible for many discounts that don’t apply to individual consumers, including lump sum payment discounts and lower rates for established companies. Your insurance agent will be able to help identify discounts you might have overlooked.
  • Most insurers also factor information from your credit history into your rate quote, so find out from your agent what information each company considers important and improve those areas of your report, if possible.
  • Billing plans vary by company, with different policies on finance charges or payment options. Look for one that fits within your budget when comparing the true cost of each policy.

First Choice Insurance has the expertise to help you save money while making sure you have enough auto, business insurance, or life insurance to protect the things you value most. Visit them online or call (513) 860-0666 for a car insurance quote today.

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