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The Top 5 Benefits of Climate-Controlled Storage November 25, 2017

Sunset Arcre-Garden Valley-Morningside, 10
The Top 5 Benefits of Climate-Controlled Storage, 10, Louisiana

If you need a storage unit for your belongings, you should ask whether the facilities you’re considering offer climate-controlled storage. This system uses heating, air conditioning, and humidity control to protect your belongings. These controls are particularly important if you’re planning on storing items that are sensitive to moisture or temperature fluctuations. This feature has multiple benefits, including those listed below.

Why Choose Climate-Controlled Storage

Climate-Controlled Storage1. No Heat Damage

A closed storage unit, sitting under the sun, can become an oven in hot weather. Excessive heat can damage many of your belongings, warping plastic, melting glue, and even destroying electronics.

2. Less Yellowing

Another side effect of heat and moisture is that paper and fabric tend to change color, fading or yellowing. In a climate-controlled storage unit, the careful controls keep this from happening to your belongings. If you’re storing documents, photos, or books, climate controls are a must. 

3. Less Dust

Because the air is constantly circulated and filtered, you’ll have less dust settling on your items. This way, when it’s time to retrieve something you want, it won’t be coated in grime, and you can avoid getting your clothes dirty too.

4. Less Mold

Mold can destroy or damage stored items, but it takes moisture to grow. Because facilities with climate control keep humidity within safe ranges, you won’t open your unit to see mold or mildew on your belongings.

5. Fewer Pests

A drier environment is also less hospitable to insects and spiders, which prefer moisture. You’re less likely to find bugs or other pests like mice in a climate controlled facility, because the units are insulated, making it hard for pests to slip in. 


If you’re putting items into storage, it’s important to be able to retrieve them in the same condition you left them. Ask your storage provider what measures they take to control temperature and humidity before you pay for your unit. Payless Storage in Texarkana, TX, is the area’s top provider of safe, climate-controlled storage. With 24/7 monitoring and a range of unit sizes, they have an option to fit every need. For questions, call them today at (903) 838-7772 or send a message online.

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