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4 Collision Repair Myths Debunked November 17, 2017

Roselawn, Cincinnati
4 Collision Repair Myths Debunked, Cincinnati, Ohio

Your car is probably one of your most valuable assets, but it can be damaged in the blink of an eye. Accidents happen to everyone, but with quality collision repair services, they don’t have to be devastating. Below, Mark's Auto Body, of Cincinnati, OH, shares a few myths that people believe about auto collision repair.

4 Collision Repair Myths Debunked

1. Insurance Companies Require 3 Estimates

Collision RepairWhile some insurance companies will recommend getting multiple estimates before settling on a repair shop, they usually don’t require as many as three. Between the accident, the insurance, and the repair, you’re under enough stress without having to add numerous phone calls to auto body collision repair shops.

2. You Have to Use the Collision Repair Shop Your Insurance Chooses

Your insurance company might have certain collision shops that they normally do business with and might even offer recommendations, but you still have the freedom to choose where you take your vehicle. It’s your car and you should do what makes you comfortable.

3. A Damaged Frame Means the Vehicle Is Totaled

Many insurance companies will automatically declare a vehicle with a damaged frame totaled. In rare cases, it might be worth your while to take the insurance money and invest in a new vehicle, but cars that are otherwise in good condition can get frame repair. This service may require specialized expertise and equipment, but many body shops have what it takes.

4. An Accident Will Lower the Value of Your Vehicle

Depending on the quality of your collision repair, an accident may not have any effect on the Blue Book® value of your car. When the repair is done properly, it may even improve the value of the vehicle. Don’t automatically ditch your car, but find a quality body shop instead.

Whether your car has been through a major accident or just a fender bender, Mark's Auto Body can have it looking like new in no time. Their auto body technicians are highly trained and have the expertise to remove all traces of accidents. Contact them at (513) 731-4273 or visit their website to learn more about their services.

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