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Is It Time to Take Out the Tree Pruning Equipment? November 17, 2017

Harbor Point, Stamford
Is It Time to Take Out the Tree Pruning Equipment? , Stamford, Connecticut

With winter rapidly approaching, you can expect most of your trees to enter a sort of hibernation mode soon. During the period of dormancy, plants will temporarily halt all growth and development so they can preserve energy. If you want your plants to experience a new burst of life come springtime, it’s wise to take out your shears, loppers, and other tree pruning equipment near winter’s end. 

When Do You Need Your Tree Pruning Equipment?

Dead, Diseased, & Damaged Branches

Any dead, damaged, or diseased branches may negatively impact the healthy parts of the tree. To prevent further detrimental effects, always prune problem areas as soon as possible. Trees like maple and dogwood may bleed sap, but don’t be alarmed. Pruning will not harm them. Just do not leave flush cuts or stubs, as these can damage your tree.

tree pruning equipmentPrune right where the branch meets the trunk or twig meets the branch—the intersection called the node. The tree will not grow a new branch. Instead, it will seal off the area. Afterward, it will be able to expend more energy on healthy growth and development.

Late Winter

You should always prune your trees during late winter, but you may also wish to do so them during early spring, or anytime just before the tree opens its buds. Near the end of this winter, plan to prune on a dry and mild day. Start by removing dead and damaged branches, then slowly move to overgrown and smaller ones. This will boost light exposure at the crown, where it needs it most.


Prepare your yard for the winter ahead when you pick up the tree pruning equipment you need from Stamford, Connecticut’s trusted arborist tool destination. From tree chippers to arborist ropes, Muench Company has everything you need to maintain a verdant and thriving yard. To learn more about the shop, call them today at (203) 323-9712. You may also browse their extensive selection online

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