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What Are Seizures? Albemarle Neurologist Explains November 27, 2017

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What Are Seizures? Albemarle Neurologist Explains, Albemarle, North Carolina

Electrical impulses regularly fire across your brain; they help you to breathe, move, and think. From time to time, however, there may be abnormal or irregular electrical activity, resulting in full-body convulsions known as seizures. These can occur to anyone at any time and may be the result of various factors. Here, neurologist Dr. Ann R. Brewer dba Piedmont Neurology in Albemarle, NC, explains more about what they are and how they happen.

What Happens During a Seizure?

When a seizure begins, a person may suddenly fall over or lose consciousness. Afterward, they might shake, convulse, or have sharp muscle spasms. Their eyes often move rapidly or roll backward, and there may be some drooling or frothing at the mouth. The episodes rarely last more than a couple of minutes. Once it is over and the individual regains consciousness, they may not remember seizing or passing out.

What Can Cause an Episode?

neurologistThe leading cause of seizures is epilepsy, a neurological disorder that leads to abnormal activity in the brain. However, these episodes may also be brought on by fevers, poisoning, head trauma, brain cancer, stroke, and drug abuse or overdose.

What to Do

If you observe a person having a seizure, move them to a safe place where they cannot fall or hurt themselves. Cushion their head and remove any tight-fitting clothing. Do not leave the person unattended during this time, and contact an ambulance or their neurologist once it is over.

If you or someone you love is suffering from seizures and you would like to schedule an appointment with a skilled neurologist, contact Dr. Ann R. Brewer dba Piedmont Neurology. Practicing out of Albemarle, NC, Dr. Brewer specializes in treating severe headaches, epilepsy, and other neurological conditions. To learn more about the practice and services offered, visit her website. Call (704) 982-6833 today to schedule an appointment.

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