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Private Detective Shares Tips to Avoid Identity Theft This Holiday Season November 16, 2017

Clifton, Cincinnati
Private Detective Shares Tips to Avoid Identity Theft This Holiday Season, Cincinnati, Ohio

As you start your holiday shopping, keep in mind that theft increases throughout this season. Having your identity stolen can put a big damper on the joy of the season. If you stay on guard, however, you can protect yourself. The private detectives at Quest Associates of Ohio in Cincinnati has shared a few recommended key measures to take.

This holiday season, take these precautions recommended to protect your personal information:

  • private detectiveMake Secure Online Purchases: When online shopping, only make purchases from reputable websites. An easy way to check is by looking at the URL of the webpage you are on. It should begin with “https://” and should have a green padlock symbol next to it, which shows that the page is secure. Never submit your personal information on a site without this verification.
  • Review Statements: Even if you check your bank statements each month, try to do so more regularly. It’s best to check your statement once a week during the holiday season. Look for any charges that are unaccounted for, even small ones. Thieves may take only a little at a time, hoping that you won’t notice.
  • Use One Protected Credit Card: While you’re out shopping, choose one credit card to use and leave the rest at home. Avoid using debit cards if possible because if your information is stolen, thieves can pull the money directly from your account. If possible, sign up for a credit card that will cover fraudulent purchases on your behalf.
  • Avoid Public Wi-Fi: Using a public Wi-Fi signal puts your information at risk. For example, when you sit at a coffee shop or in an airport, people may be able to see the information you send over the network. Save your purchases for when you are at home on your secure network.

If you are concerned that you are a victim of identity theft, it’s vital that you act right away. The private detectives at Quest Associates of Ohio in Cincinnati can help you reach justice. Their team has a stellar reputation for their full-service surveillance and civil investigation services. To speak with a private detective about identity theft, call (513) 579-0001. Visit their website for more information on their investigative services.

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