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Office Equipment Specialists Share 3 Reasons You Need a Paper Shredder November 28, 2017

Anchorage, Anchorage County
Office Equipment Specialists Share 3 Reasons You Need a Paper Shredder, Anchorage, Alaska

From credit card statements to business contracts, all sorts of sensitive documents get delivered to homes or pass over office desks every day. To keep confidential information away from prying eyes, the office equipment specialists at Office Products Services in Anchorage, AK, suggest investing in a paper shredder. Below, they share the top three reasons why this device will benefit you in the long-run. 

Office Equipment Experts Explain Why You Should Invest in Paper Shredders

Reduces Volume of Waste 

When left unattended, old mail, company documents, and additional paperwork can easily stack up in home or office interiors. The clutter can make work or living conditions uncomfortable and cramped. This office equipment pulverizes paper so it’s completely undecipherable. This means the waste will also take up less room in your space. 

Increases Information Security

Anchorage-Alaska-office-equipment (2)Throwing away documents is a simple way for thieves to steal your identity and other personal and professional information. With a paper shredder, you won’t have to rely on third-party services to destroy sensitive personal or professional documents. You can take comfort in knowing important information regarding payroll, company initiatives, life insurance claims, and additional information won’t wind up in the wrong hands. 

Reduces Amount of Waste in Landfills

Opting to use a paper shredder will help the environment. People throw out paper every day, leaving little room for non-recyclable materials in landfills. When paper volume is reduced, landfills won’t fill up as quickly. 

If you want to add a paper shredder to your home or workplace, Office Products Services is the go-to source in the Anchorage area for high-quality, state-of-the-art office equipment by Savin™, Ricoh®, and Lanier®. To learn more about copier, printer, and paper shredder leasing and sale options, as well as repair and maintenance solutions, call (907) 562-1320. Visit the company online for office equipment leasing and sale details, and like them on Facebook for merchandise updates.