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Top 5 Reasons You Should Get Veneers November 28, 2017

South Glastonbury Historic District, Glastonbury
Top 5 Reasons You Should Get Veneers, Glastonbury, Connecticut

A whiter, brighter smile can help you make a better first impression, boost your confidence, and improve your overall appearance. In fact, studies show that a pleasing smile makes people appear more engaged, friendly, and positive. Cosmetic dentistry will make you excited about showing off your pearly whites. One of the most effective and natural ways to do so is with veneers. Here, Nayaug Family Dental of South Glastonbury, CT, explains why you should consider them for a better smile.

Top 5 Benefits of Veneers

1. Natural Appearance

Veneers are made from paper-thin porcelain designed to fit each tooth. Therefore, they are almost impossible to discern from a natural smile. These cosmetic dentistry fixtures can conceal cracks and chips, fill in gaps, and modify misshapen teeth for a beautiful, natural smile.

2. White Teeth

Veneers are also stain-resistant, so you won’t have to run to the dentist for regular teeth whitening treatments. However, most dentists recommend whitening before the veneers are chemically bonded to your teeth to prevent discoloration.

3. Low-Maintenance Needs

veneersUnlike dentures or other removable dental enhancements, you can treat veneers just like normal teeth. All you have to do is maintain a diligent routine of daily brushing and flossing and see a dentist on a regular basis. 

4. Protectors of Sensitive Teeth

If you suffer from tooth sensitivity, veneers might be the best cosmetic solution to your dental problems. Unlike dentures, retainers, or composite resin veneers that can grind up against your gums, porcelain is preferred by many patients with sensitive teeth.

5. A Stronger Smile

Veneers have many aesthetic benefits, but did you know they can also make your teeth stronger? Although the material is brittle on its own, once chemically bonded to your teeth, the porcelain shells will strengthen enamel, reducing the likelihood of cavities.


Veneers are an excellent investment in your dental health and overall appearance. The team of professionals at Nayaug Family Dental puts their patients’ smiles and health first, so you can enjoy your pearly whites without worry. Book an appointment today by calling (860) 633-6167 or browse their amazing cosmetic dentistry before and after photos online.