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Times When 24-Hour Heating Service Is Essential December 1, 2017

Wilton, Fairfield County
Times When 24-Hour Heating Service Is Essential, Wilton, Connecticut

It’s a cold winter night. Your family is comfortably wrapped up in blankets, and there’s a fresh dusting of snow outside. You’re relaxed because you know that, no matter how cold it gets outside, nobody will need to wear a coat tonight. This is made possible by your oil burner, which keeps your boiler or furnace going, distributing nice, even heat across your home. If anything goes wrong, you can call your service company – Servco Oil & Propane –  any time of the night. Here are three scenarios you won’t have to worry about with 24-hour service:

Your Heat Shuts Off 

You’d be surprised how quickly your warm home can lose heat.  With 24-hour emergency service, you can call any time day or night and reach our office or a technician.


You Smell Something Strange

Heating oil has a very strong smell and you should not be able to smell it in the living space of your home.  Propane has a strong, unpleasant odor like rotten eggs.  This smell is deliberately added to help alert customers to propane leaks.  When you are a Servco Oil & Propane customer just call 203-762-7994 for 24-hour a day service.  

Servco Oil & Propane delivers propane and  from their onsite terminal they deliver premium  BioHeat® heating oil. With automatic fuel delivery comes 24-hour service. Ride out the winter in comfort by calling Servco Oil & Propane at (203) 762-7994 or visiting their website.

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