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3 Reasons Reupholstery Is Better Than Replacement November 10, 2017

South Fairmont, Cincinnati
3 Reasons Reupholstery Is Better Than Replacement, Cincinnati, Ohio

Whether your beloved couch recently sustained some damage or you want to give your home a new look, reupholstery is often a preferable alternative to furniture replacement. This process allows you to update furniture you already own, freshening up your décor without the need to buy a completely new piece. Not only can you hold on to the items you already love, but reupholstery is also better for the environment and your wallet.

Reupholstery vs. Furniture Replacement

1. Lessen Your Carbon Footprint

Out of all household waste, furniture is recycled the least. According to the EPA, more than 9.8 million tons of furniture ends up in American landfills. When you opt for reupholstering over replacing an old piece of furniture, you are helping the environment by reducing the amount of waste you produce. It’s an eco-friendlier option that lessens your carbon footprint and prevents landfills from overflowing.

2. Save Money

reupholsteryBefore you replace your pricey leather armchair, consider reupholstery instead. This service is often a fraction of the cost of furniture replacement, especially in commercial settings such as offices and medical buildings, where buying new items can be expensive. It also guarantees a more cohesive look that goes with your current aesthetic, meaning you won’t need to buy more new pieces to make your recent addition work.

3. Keep Well-Constructed Pieces

In a world of fast commerce, it can be difficult to find furniture that has a solid design and build. Reupholstery makes it easier to update your existing pieces, especially if yours still has good “bones.” During this process, frames, springs, and padding are also replaced and/or repaired, bringing any old piece of furniture back to life.  


If you have a beloved piece of furniture you want to give a second life to, speak with the experts at Contract Office Refurbishing LLC in Cincinnati, OH. This locally owned upholstery company specializes in commercial upholstery restoration, bringing out-of-commission pieces back to their former glory. Learn more about their reupholstery services online or by calling (513) 481-0111.

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