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3 Ways to Prepare Your Sprinkler System for Winter November 15, 2017

Antelope Park, Lincoln
3 Ways to Prepare Your Sprinkler System for Winter, Lincoln, Nebraska

Before the frigid winter weather sets in, there are a few precautions homeowners should take to winter-proof their lawns. For those with sprinkler systems, there’s an extra responsibility to protect your investment from the cold and avoid future issues. To help you maintain your sprinkler system and prevent damage through the cold months, the irrigation specialists from Whittemore Sprinkler Company in Lincoln, NE, have shared three ways to prepare.

How to Brace Your Sprinkler System for Winter

1. Empty the Pipes

Properly winterizing your irrigation system involves clearing all water from the pipe system to prevent freezing and cracking. An air compressor is often used to push all the water out of the system entirely, but some are equipped with drain valves throughout. If you’re unsure which style of drainage your system requires, contact an irrigation professional to help identify the correct steps for winterization.

2. Prepare the Backflow Preventer

sprinkler systemSeveral automatic sprinkler systems have backflow connectors, which are used to prevent contaminated water from getting into the system. If you haven’t already, schedule your yearly backflow connection check. After a successful inspection and draining the pipes, you should shut off the backflow preventer and cover it if you haven’t already winterized your system so the copper pipe doesn’t freeze. 

3. Repair Any Leaks or Damage

If you’ve noticed consistently damp spots around your lawn, it can indicate a leak in your sprinkler system. Contact an irrigation specialist—they will be able to fix the damage come springtime before you turn your system back on. 

Taking care of your sprinkler system before the cold will lead to a lawn that is ready to flourish in the spring. Get ahead of the frigid winters in Lincoln, NE, by preparing your sprinkler system with Whittemore Sprinkler Company. For over 56 years they have taken care of the area’s irrigation needs with personal service and quality installations and repairs. Their expert team will guide you in the right direction and guarantee your lawn stays healthy and hydrated. Call them at (402) 476-8552 or visit their website to schedule your service or consultation.

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