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5 Steps to Prepare for Septic Tank Installation November 16, 2017

Waterloo, Monroe
5 Steps to Prepare for Septic Tank Installation, Waterloo, Illinois

A septic system is a great way to dispose of waste from your home or office. But before you can arrange a septic tank installation, there are a few steps you need to take to get your property ready. Start now to make sure your installation is completed on schedule and you receive waste disposal service you can rely on.

How to Prepare

1. Fulfill Legal Requirements

The Illinois Department of Public Health has regulations in place governing the use of septic tanks within the state, and there are many local agencies with restrictions of their own. Make sure you understand the specifications of your system and your responsibility for septic pumping. You also need to get a permit in order before the installation.

2. Choose a Contractor

Septic Tank InstallationYou have your choice of excavation and installation experts to get your septic tank up and running. Shop around, and choose a contractor with a good reputation, a clear estimate, and all the necessary licensing and insurance for the task.

3. Get Your Soil Tested

To make sure your property can support a septic tank and drain field, you’ll need to have the soil quality tested. A septic system relies on the soil to filter your wastewater. If your natural ground doesn’t meet requirements, you may need to have it amended or choose an alternate waste disposal plan.

4. Remove Your Old System

If you have a pre-existing septic tank on the property, you’ll need to make sure it, along with the old pipes and fittings, is out of the way. Ideally, you should schedule this process in advance of your new installation, so if there are any problems, they won’t cause a delay.

5. Be Ready to Turn Your Water Off

When your septic system is installed, your water will have to be turned off while the work is ongoing and may have to stay off for a while afterward. Prepare for this by setting aside some drinking water and having a plan for showers and toilet use.


With a little preparation, your septic tank installation will be quick and complication-free. Start the process today by contacting J & J Septic & Sewer Cleaning. The team provides skilled septic service to clients throughout the Waterloo, IL, area. From the installation to regular pumping and maintenance, their excavators and technicians will keep your waste disposal system working correctly and efficiently. To schedule a visit, call them today at (618) 939-3001 or send a message online.

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