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How Can You Tell If It’s Time for Assisted Living? November 16, 2017

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How Can You Tell If It’s Time for Assisted Living?, North Bend, Washington

If you’ve been caring for a parent or other loved one, it can be difficult to decide to transfer them to assisted living accommodations. They may be resistant to the idea, and you may feel you’ve failed to care for them. But in many cases, the best way to look out for the person you love is to make sure they have access to the professional senior care services they need. Here are a few signs it’s time to make a change.

Personality Changes

Age brings a heightened risk of problems such as dementia, which can have a significant impact on your loved one’s behavior. You may notice they’re more irritable, volatile—even violent. Sometimes they may seem like their old self in the morning, only to change completely by afternoon. It is difficult and sometimes dangerous to care for someone undergoing these changes, so getting help is the right thing to do.

Safety Concerns

Even without erratic behavior, there may still be reason to worry about their safety. Most homes aren’t designed to accommodate mobility problems, so your loved one may be at risk of a fall. Other times, they may wander out of the house. Retirement homes are designed with these possibilities in mind so you can ensure your loved one’s safety.

Increasing Care Needs

assisted livingAs your family member gets older, they are likely to develop more health problems that need attention and care. Eventually, their needs may exceed what you can handle on your own, leading to extreme stress and burnout. Assisted living puts your loved one in the care of professional nursing staff who are trained to accommodate your loved one’s needs.

Sometimes caregivers don’t realize the need for a new arrangement until their situation reaches the point of crisis. In other cases, this may be a change you’ve planned for a long time. Whatever the case, watch for the signs it’s time to move your loved one to assisted living, and make the change as soon as you see the need.


Red Oak Residence in North Bend, WA, has offered quality assisted living arrangements to the area’s seniors for the last 20 years. Their staff is ready to provide a warm and welcoming environment to your loved one. Their quality accommodations are right next door to a beautiful park and some of the area’s best entertainment options. To ask about openings, contact Red Oak Residence today at (425) 888-7108 or online.

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