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A Guide to Your Monument Options November 15, 2017

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A Guide to Your Monument Options, Sanford, North Carolina

Choosing a monument is a personal matter. As a memorial, you want this stone to last for centuries, remaining strong, durable, and beautiful. With so many choices, you need a piece that honors your loved one in a unique and dignified manner. If you’re unsure where to begin, here’s a helpful guide to your choices.

4 Monument Options


The simplest variety is thick and rectangular with plain lines. It honors the deceased in an uncomplicated manner and is the most affordable option for families. You can choose a domed top, intricate angles, or use the traditional, Gothic style with an angular appearance and steep shoulders. 

Cemetery Markers

monumentsThis classic design varies in structure, from stones set low to the ground to large, elaborate marble monuments. They stand the test of time, so it’s easy to find cemetery markers dating back centuries. Common materials include bronze and stone. If you want intricate marble monuments with hand-carved creations and exclusive features, opt for cemetery markers to ensure a strong and damage-free memorial well into the future.


Due to their versatility in structure and design, headstones have remained the most popular memorial for centuries. Materials range from wood to luxurious stone, with shape, size, and color all customizable. You can choose to place the headstone on its own or elevate it with a ledger.

Pedestals & Columns

The most elegant, large, and ornamental monuments use Greek and Roman influences for full-scale, architectural memorials. These options are usually reserved for an entire family rather than a single individual. The style and design create additional inscription space. With statues and intricate carvings, pedestals and columns are expensive options, but their beauty is unmatched.


Monuments are a lasting symbol of your loved one, preserving their memory for centuries to come. Rockingham, NC’s Custom Monument creates quality, custom memorials using bronze, granite, and marble, along with a wide variety of colors and inscriptions. They don’t just build, however; they also help customers through the planning process every step of the way. Visit the website for more information or call (910) 997-4704 today.

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