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3 Tips to Help First-Time Customers Order Cocktails at a Bar November 16, 2017

Shaw Historic District, St. Louis
3 Tips to Help First-Time Customers Order Cocktails at a Bar, St. Louis, Missouri

When you spend an evening at a bar, you’re bound to have a good time — especially if you go to one that features fantastic food, cocktails, craft beers, and live entertainment like Thurman’s in Shaw in Saint Louis, MO. However, ordering drinks at a bar can be intimidating even in a fun setting because of the overwhelming number of options. If you’re new to ordering at a bar, keep in mind a few recommendations to make it an enjoyable and informative experience. 

3 Tips for Ordering Drinks at a Bar

Make Decisions Ahead of Time

Rather than going to a noisy and busy bar uninformed, research their drink menu ahead of time. Determine a few options in case your first choice isn’t available. If your favorite place doesn’t have a list of drinks online, look at one at the venue — just stay away from the bar so you won’t be caught off guard if the bartender asks for your order. Learn basic lingo like “neat” (without ice or mixers), “on the rocks” (with ice), or “with a twist" (garnished with a small piece of citrus) so you can communicate your preferences.

Talk With Your Bartender

BarIf you’re going to spend money on a cocktail or craft beer, you want to make the best choice. Professional bartenders know the drink menu inside and out and are happy to make recommendations, whether you want an excellent sipping whiskey or a local craft beer. Tell them the flavor profiles you like, such as sweet, dry, tart, or floral, and let them take the lead. If the bar is busy, ask them to suggest a well drink — they usually are the least expensive and most popular cocktails.

Be Patient & Tip Well

Be aware of how busy the bar is before you order. If it’s packed or there's only one bartender to take orders, stick to beer and well drinks if possible. If you want to discuss cocktail options, be patient if the bartender must break away to handle other requests. Also, be sure to tip your bartender about 15% to 20% of the cost of each drink.

Whether you’re a cocktail aficionado or a newcomer to the bar scene, you will find a favorite drink at Thurman’s in Shaw. They have the best happy hour in Saint Louis, MO, and a friendly team that will make you feel like a regular. Visit them online for information about their food menu and call (314) 517-6780 to ask about special events. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for updates from the bar and grill.

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