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4 Interesting Facts About Figure Skating December 8, 2017

Randolph, Morris County
4 Interesting Facts About Figure Skating, Randolph, New Jersey

Combining dance and athleticism, figure skating is the perfect blend of artistic expression and precision. The fascination of watching this sport becomes even more pronounced as you learn about its origin and rise to popularity. Read on to get insights into some interesting facts about this form of ice skating and how it became a part of the Olympic games.

4 Facts You Didn’t Know About Figure Skating

1. It Began as a Means of Transportation

Much before it was a sport entertaining millions of viewers around the globe, ice skating was used in Finland to travel across frozen bodies of water. Back in the day, people would make use of animal bones or wooden gear to help them glide from one side of the frozen river to the other. It wasn't until the 1200s that metal skates were introduced. 

2. It Is the Oldest Sport in Winter Olympics

Figure SkatingFigure skating already existed as a legitimate sporting event even before the first Winter Olympics were held. Historical accounts show that the game predates the first Winter Olympics in London (1908) by 16 years.

3. Professional Figure Skating Rules Disallow Props

Rules governing this form of ice skating disallow the use of any distracting props to be used by the participants. This is one of the many safety details skaters have to keep in mind while performing. There are also regulations about the type of outfits players can wear during professional events. Violating these rules can result in point deduction by the judges.

4. The United States Team Has Won Many Medals in Olympic Events

Figure skating has a particularly special place for athletes representing team United States. Since 1948, American figure skaters have not returned home empty handed, winning at least one medal in this sport every time.


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