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Top 3 Reasons to See a Dentist for Oral Surgery November 15, 2017

Homer, Kenai Peninsula
Top 3 Reasons to See a Dentist for Oral Surgery, Homer, Alaska

From relieving chronic toothaches to restoring your smile, there are many reasons why patients turn to dental surgery. So what types of issues call for this solution, rather than the standard procedures, such as teeth whitening and fillings? To answer that question, the dentists at Preventive Dental Services highlight a few of the most common surgical procedures they offer at their office in Homer, AK.

Oral Surgery Types & When They’re Needed 

1. Root Canals

A root canal procedure, also known as endodontic therapy, is typically performed when the inside of the tooth becomes infected or when dental nerves have been affected by an injury.

The surgery involves drilling into the top or side of the tooth to access and remove the affected pulp. Next, the dentist sterilizes the area to kill any remaining bacteria. A special substance, referred to as gutta-percha, is inserted into the cavity to seal the root canal and preserve the structure of the tooth.

Identistf you have persistent tooth pain, visit your dentist for comprehensive x-rays. The images will reveal whether you have an infection that requires a root canal or if it’s a cavity that can be treated with cosmetic fillings.

2. Tooth Extractions  

Dental extractions refer to surgical procedures in which a tooth is removed. First, your dentist will anesthetize the affected area to minimize discomfort. Next, she or he will use forceps to gradually rock the tooth back and forth until it snaps out of place. Often, sutures will be placed in the gums to reduce bleeding.

Extractions are necessary for various reasons; for instance, in cases of severe infection or injury. Many must also have their wisdom teeth removed during their young adult years to prevent crowding and impaction caused by the third set of molars.

3. Dental Implants

Dental implants refer to the process of placing titanium posts in the gums to fuse with the jawbone then setting a false tooth over it. Professionals recommend this surgery after extraction to help patients maintain a good, reliable bite and enjoy a full and healthy smile. By permanently fusing with the jaw, dental implants also prevent teeth from shifting, which may later cause cosmetic and orthodontic issues.

While pain is a common sign that you need to see a dentist, many problems don’t cause noticeable symptoms. Turn to the trusted team at Preventive Dental Services every six months to examine the health of your teeth and catch issues early. If necessary, this patient-friendly clinic provides the oral surgery you need to protect your smile. Visit them online to learn more about their services or call (907) 235-1286 to schedule a check-up with a specialist.    

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