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3 Modifications a Mechanic Can Make to Improve Your Car’s Performance November 25, 2017

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3 Modifications a Mechanic Can Make to Improve Your Car’s Performance, Anchorage, Alaska

Vehicles generally come from the factory built more for safety than performance. While some will allow you to go faster or control the car better than others, your mechanic can make certain modifications that will allow your vehicle to reach its full capability. Dean’s Automotive Service Center in Anchorage, AK, lists three terrific alterations an expert can help you with.

3 Modifications to Improve Your Car’s Performance

1. Install a Sway Bar

If your car leans too much in turns, the weight transfer and body roll can damage its handling. Having your mechanic install a sway bar, which connects the right wheels with the left, will allow your vehicle to stay flat on the road when hitting turns and take corners more efficiently. The result is improved handling, increasing your car’s performance.

2. Install a Short Shifter

mechanicThe purpose of a short shifter is to minimize the distance a gear lever has to go between gears, lessening the time it takes to select the next one. Due to the lack of wasted movement when shifting gears, this allows for better performance and for fast cars to go even faster, especially on curvy roads. 

3. Reprogram the Engine Control Unit (ECU) Flash

The ECU controls the fuel-air mixture in the engine, maximizing the efficiency and power. The car usually has more capability than the ECU allows, but the manufacturer lowers it due to safety concerns. Your mechanic can reprogram your ECU flash, which will allow for better performance and can help you obtain better gas mileage.

Just because you receive your car one way from the manufacturer doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. Your mechanic can make modifications that offer better performance without being a danger on the road. To learn what an expert can do for you, turn to Dean’s Automotive Service Center in Anchorage. For more information, call (907) 276-5731, or visit their website.

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