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Missouri's Best Feed Dealers Explain What to Look for in Horse Feed November 22, 2017

Foristell, St. Charles
Missouri's Best Feed Dealers Explain What to Look for in Horse Feed, Foristell, Missouri

Horses are unique, majestic creatures that require a specific diet to remain healthy and energetic. While meals of grass and hay are ideal, many horse owners turn to the feed dealers of Vehige Enterprises in Foristell, MO, to supplement these ingredients. When shopping for quality feed and other horse supplies, keep these three factors in mind.

The Feed Dealer’s Guide to a Healthy Horse Diet

1. Energy Sources

Feed DealersHorses are herbivores with long digestive tracts that help them absorb nutrients from vegetation. When shopping for horse feed, check with your feed dealer to ensure the brand you choose has sufficient energy sources, such as flaxseed or molasses. This will keep your animal lively and ready for work. 

2. Nutritional Benefits

The main nutrients a horse needs are fat, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water. Before committing to a particular feed, find out whether it covers all of these categories, and only serve it when your animal has access to plenty of clean water. Feed mixes are an excellent way to make sure your horse is consuming an array of vitamins, so ask about these supplements before buying. 

3. Balanced Amount of Grain 

While hay and grass may be abundant on your property, grains could be harder to come by. That’s where pet feed comes in handy. The right mix will include a balanced amount of grain, providing an energy boost without overstuffing the animal. Always monitor your horse’s grain consumption to avoid dental issues, ulcers, or even colic. 

When you need horse and pet feed in St. Charles, Warren, or Lincoln County, Missouri, turn to the experienced feed dealers at Vehige Enterprises. To find out why locals have trusted this family-owned business for over 20 years, visit their website or call (636) 673-2202 to speak with a helpful sales associate. 

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