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3 Air Travel Tips for Your Next Trip November 15, 2017

Sheridan, Sheridan
3 Air Travel Tips for Your Next Trip, Sheridan, Wyoming

While air travel is convenient, security lines, surprise fees, and jet lag are off-putting. However, air travel doesn’t have to be complicated. According to the staff at the online travel community We Travel Earth in Sheridan, WY, there are plenty of air travel tips to make the airport and in-flight experience seamless. Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming trip or want some insider advice, below are some ways to make air travel easy.

3 Tips for Your Next Flight

1. Get PreChecked

Security lines are one of the biggest inconveniences for most travelers, especially around heavy travel times, like summer and holidays. They cause undue stress if you’re running late. Fortunately, there’s a way to bypass them. TSA’s convenient PreCheck® service expedites the security process. This is an ideal option if you’re a frequent traveler. Visit their website to apply. Once you’re approved, security checks will be a thing of the past.

2. Time Your Purchase

air-travel-tips-we-travel-earthWhile it’s tempting to buy tickets well in advance, you may miss out on major deals. If you aren’t crunched for time, there are a few optimal windows to get the best fares. For domestic U.S. travel, buy three to five weeks before departure. Flights to Europe are best purchased seven to eight weeks in advance. Regularly check travel sites, as they offer estimated pricing.

3. Adjust to Time Zones Beforehand

Getting ahead of jet lag is one of the most vital air travel tips. There’s nothing worse than landing at a new, exciting destination only to feel completely exhausted. To make the transition easier, start preparing a day or two before. Adjust your sleeping schedule accordingly and eat meals at the times you would in the other time zone. Practice this on the flight as well. Upon arrival, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to go.

For more air travel tips, turn to We Travel Earth, the leading online community for jet-setters. You’ll find valuable advice on their travel blog and connect with fellow travelers. Contact them at or visit their website to learn more.

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