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A Personal Injury Attorney on How to Recover Lost Income After a Car Accident November 15, 2017

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A Personal Injury Attorney on How to Recover Lost Income After a Car Accident, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Lost wages can be a real concern after being injured in a car accident. Accordingly, knowing how you can claim lost income is of the utmost importance, and in Winston-Salem, NC, Nagle & Associates PA assists locals in doing just that. From truck accidents to run-ins with drunk drivers, these personal injury attorneys have what it takes to get optimal results for your case. They say the following information can be a good starting point if you wish to pursue lost wages as a result of a car accident.

Lost Income vs. Lost Earning Capacity

Injuries incurred after a car accident can often prevent you from performing your work duties for a period of time. Any income lost during this period can be included in injury claim in an attempt to recover money you would have otherwise earned had you not been injured due to another person’s negligence. This is a relatively straightforward process that entails proving the other party was negligent and this careless behavior directly led to your injuries.

personal injury attorneyCalculating lost earning capacity is a bit more difficult. This is usually the case when injuries are permanent or long-lasting; to this end, you must not only establish the above, but you and your personal injury attorney must calculate a sufficient sum to cover basic living expenses, medical bills, and even lost income for the future. In terms of lost income, even if you are able to work, if your wages will be impacted by your injuries for the foreseeable future, you can still consider this an example of lost earning capacity.

How to Prove Lost Wages or Earning Capacity

Proving lost wages typically entails presenting past pay stubs or other documents that establish how much you typically make. This is generally the case for lost wages, although proving lost earning capacity tends to be a lot more difficult. Expert witnesses often play a role in this case. These individuals can take their knowledge base and pair it with your abilities: They’ll discuss topics like your education level and work habits. Your personal injury attorney can provide more information on the best legal strategy to help you recover lost income.

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