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What Are the Causes & Solutions for Condensation on Windows? November 28, 2017

Devon - Walnut Beach, Milford
What Are the Causes & Solutions for Condensation on Windows?, Milford, Connecticut

Homeowners often notice moisture buildup on windows during winter cold snaps. As a phenomenon that occurs regardless of the window’s construction materials, it typically results from humidity. Yet, the experts at Berkeley Exteriors encourage residents in the Milford, CT, area to prevent this from happening, as it can lead to moisture damage.

To help you better understand condensation on windows, check out the advice these professionals have put together below.

Window Condensation: Causes & Solutions

The Cause of Condensation

Condensation is generally caused by excess moisture in the air. During the winter, the windows become cold from outside temperatures, while the air in your home typically remains warm and humid. When that warm, moist air comes into contact with the windows, it begins to cool and can no longer hold the same amount of moisture. Thus, the water condenses onto the glass surface.

How to Prevent It

windowsCondensation of windows is more likely to occur in climates where the average January temperature remains below 35 degrees Fahrenheit. To prevent such cold temperatures from affecting your windows, and potentially damaging your home, you should control the indoor humidity.

First, adjust the sources of this moisture. Vent gas burners, clothes dryers, and other appliances to the outside. When cooking, use kitchen exhaust fans to prevent the steam from adding to the air’s moisture — and use the bathroom exhaust fan, as well. Additionally, better ventilation provides a way for moist air to escape, while dry outside air lowers the humidity.

When you need help improving ventilation and preventing condensation, reach out to the roofing contractors at Berkeley Exteriors. With a focus on detail and a team of experienced craftsmen, this company offers the services you need to prevent moisture damage to your attic, walls, and windows. If you’d like to learn more about how they will help you, give them a call at (203) 877-4373. You can also find more information online.

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