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What You Need to Know About Text Message Marketing November 17, 2017

Northeast Cobb, Cobb
What You Need to Know About Text Message Marketing, Northeast Cobb, Georgia

There's no better place to grab the attention of potential and current clients than the one item they have with them at all times: their cell phone. It is one of the constants in everyday life and has many advantages for a business. Below, the advertising professionals at Impact Mailers explain why a text is a vital component of your marketing strategy.

What Is Text Message Marketing?

Text message marketing is a strategy used by businesses to expand their reach of potential clients, or leads as they are commonly referred. It's a fairly simple process that starts with a promotion you advertise on a platform like social media. A call-to-action is included that asks them to text a keyword to a certain number to redeem an offer they can use towards a future purchase. 

When someone texts the code to the number specified, they will receive a link that directs them to a custom page on your website. To obtain their promotional code, they will be required to input their personal information on the webpage such as name, email, phone number, and geographic region. They’ll redeem the coupon or offer after they've successfully filled out the form.

Why This Is Valuable to a Marketing Strategy

marketingThe advantage of a text-to-mobile system is it requires minimal effort from potential customers, which means they're more likely to participate in this type of marketing strategy than other options. It also benefits current customers because you can use the system to send out helpful reminders, the dates of a sale, or confirmations for appointments. You'll be able to develop more leads and gather data to use in all your other marketing initiatives.

Once you've decided to utilize a text-to-mobile initiative for your marketing strategy, it's time to work with a team to help you flawlessly implement it. The advertising specialists at Impact Mailers offer a text-to-mobile arrangement that perfectly blends with their plastic mailers. Their direct mail service is a perfect way to promote your text message call-to-action, and their dashboard makes the whole process as simple as possible. Learn more by visiting them online or by calling (888) 983-2250.

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