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A Guide to Understanding Real Estate & Land Auctions November 15, 2017

Lebanon, Marion
A Guide to Understanding Real Estate & Land Auctions, Lebanon, Kentucky

If you're in the market to buy real estate or a prime piece of land, an auction could be your best route to get there. The Lancaster Agency in Lebanon, KY, specializes in connecting prospective buyers with fast access to properties for sale. The team of home auction specialists makes the process easy, convenient and seamless. One of the key starting points is providing information on how an auction works.

Insight Into Real Estate & Land Auctions


There are several different types, but usually, interested parties are allowed to place bids on land or real estate. There is typically a minimum pricing threshold to participate. Bidders must also show proof that they have the funds to make a purchase before the auction begins.


real estateAuctions are often conducted by banks, lenders, and other agencies on foreclosed properties. Owners who want a faster sale than traditional real estate channels go this route too. In this case, sellers list their land, home, or commercial building through a reserve auction. In addition to helping to determine the final price, sellers can opt to deny or accept bids.

Absolute Auctions

Absolute auctions have a bit more flexibility. Interested parties continue to place bids up until the event's cutoff time. Because there is no final price established beforehand, the person with the highest offer typically receives the real estate or land for sale.


The advantages of participating are efficiency and faster transactions. Buyers don't have to worry about a long, drawn-out negotiation, purchasing and closing times. Sellers are also ready and committed to having someone take the real estate or land off their hands. Moreover, auctions typically provide fair market value prices on properties for sale.

Let the experienced professionals at The Lancaster Agency be your trusted resource for home auction transactions. Serving the community since the 1930s, their team will help with everything from insuring your property to showing accurate listings. Call (270) 692-6748 to speak with a representative today. Check out the website for the latest real estate listings and other services.