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Top 3 Tips for Encouraging a Loved One to Get Hearing Aids November 14, 2017

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Top 3 Tips for Encouraging a Loved One to Get Hearing Aids, Norwich, Connecticut

If what started as an older loved one’s occasional misunderstanding of a few words has turned into hearing loss, it is time to consider hearing aids. Broaching this sensitive subject requires extra care and patience, as your family member may have trouble accepting his or her condition. Keep these tips in mind before discussing hearing aid options with your loved one to help the conversation go smoothly.

Top 3 Tips for Encouraging Hearing Aid Consideration In a Loved One

1. Approach the Subject With Love & Concern

State your concerns regarding the loved one’s hearing loss, such as the inability to hear the sounds of nature and the laughter of grandchildren. Emphasize your concern for the family member’s safety, especially if the hearing loss has resulted in near-misses by cars and similar incidents that put the loved one in danger. Use “I” rather than “you” statements so the person does not feel attacked. Stay patient instead of getting angry or accusatory, as this will likely strengthen the family member’s resolve to dismiss treatment.

2. Discuss the Many Benefits

hearing aidsTalk about the many great benefits associated with hearing aids, as they allow people to regain most if not all of their hearing so they can keep enjoying their lives. Untreated hearing loss is linked to withdrawal from social situations, depression, confusion, anger, anxiety, and impaired self-esteem. Additionally, the ability to hear is closely connected to cognitive function. Refusing to get hearing aids can subsequently result in the auditory deprivation condition where the brain “forgets” how to process and understand speech. Hearing aids are associated with improvements in life quality, including less anxiety and stress and better relationships.

3. Provide Unwavering Support

Let the loved one know you are here to provide unwavering love and support, and will happily accompany the person to his or her hearing test. You may want to tell the family member that you will take a hearing test as well and will ask other friends and family to participate so it becomes a fun group activity instead of a solo experience. Keep emphasizing the benefits in the days leading up to the test and remain enthusiastic about the numerous hearing aid options available, including those so inconspicuous virtually no one will know the aid is in place.


County Hearing And Balance provides the comprehensive hearing tests citizens in Madison, CT, and the surrounding areas need to regain control of their lives. The practice features four experienced, licensed audiologists as well as a full line of high-quality hearing aids and related products. Help your loved one take the first step towards better hearing by calling (203) 245-1950 today. Visit the website for more information and like the practice on Facebook for more great tips.

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