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What Can Helical Piles Do to Help My Home? December 11, 2017

Louisville, Jefferson
What Can Helical Piles Do to Help My Home? , Louisville, Kentucky

Unless you’re a construction expert or building engineer, you most likely haven’t heard much about helical piles, but Kentucky’s The Dwyer Company team wants you to know they have a host of benefits. If you’re building a new home or need to secure the foundation of an older home, helical piles are the perfect way to accomplish this. However, if you’re considering investing in their services, you probably have a few questions about how the process works.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Helical Piles for My Home? 

Secures Homes in Unstable Areas 

If your home is located in an area where the ground has become unstable, you have peat-rich soil, or you’re building a house in a particularly sandy location, helical piles are a great alternative to installing a concrete foundation. Because concrete foundations are designed to be installed in shallow depths, it’s often not possible to build homes with them in locations that have unstable soil. However, by using helical piles, you can build a home in virtually any area because they’re drilled deeply into the ground instead of an installation on the surface. 

Installs Quickly

helical pilesPouring a concrete foundation often takes a lot of time and dedication, meaning labor costs can be substantial. But when you invest in helical pile installation, professionals will use heavy-duty machinery to drill a pile foundation into the ground in a fraction of the amount of time it takes to create a concrete foundation; as such, pile installation is often cheaper, as well as more efficient.

Stabilizes an Existing Foundation 

For those homeowners who have a foundation that’s cracking, or one that’s become unstable, helical pile installation is a great way to ensure it doesn’t receive any further damage. Due to their load-bearing capacity, such piles can be installed to aid even the heaviest of concrete foundations, preventing them from sinking. If you’re tired of paying every year to have your foundation repaired or you’ve been told that it’s become unsound, helical piles might be the best solution. 

Ensuring your home’s foundation is secure is essential, so if you have more questions about the pile drilling process, don’t hesitate to ask the professionals from The Dwyer Company. With locations in Louisville and Lexington, KY, and West Chester, OH, call them today at (859) 231-0998 to receive a free estimate. You can also visit the website for a closer look at their underpinning and foundation repair services. 

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