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The Basics of Windshield Replacement November 14, 2017

Anchorage, Anchorage County
The Basics of Windshield Replacement, Anchorage, Alaska

Dealing with a broken windshield can be a stressful hassle in the midst of an already busy life. The good news is that windshield replacement is a simple task that a reliable auto glass company can easily handle for you. If you’re in Anchorage, AK, and have a cracked windshield, you can rely on the team at Badger Glass to help. Even if your windshield is in pristine condition, it’s helpful to understand what goes into the replacement process.

3 Basics of Windshield Replacement

Anchorage, AK windshield replacement1. Time and Skill

Replacing a windshield is not a massive undertaking, but it does require experience and a little bit of time. Plan on at least an hour for the auto glass team to remove the old windshield and set the new one in place. During this process, they’ll use specialized equipment to detach the delicate glass from your car, taking care to remove any debris inside your vehicle.

2. Adhesive and Preparation

A high-quality windshield replacement is only as good as the adhesive used to secure it to the car. Auto glass professionals rely on a potent urethane adhesive designed to bond the glass to the car seamlessly. Before the glass is installed, the technicians will inspect it to make sure it’s free of damage.

3. Wait and Replace

A reliable auto glass professional will never advise you to drive off immediately after the windshield replacement takes place. It’s important to wait for the adhesive to dry fully, allowing the auto glass installation team to ensure that it has set properly. Finally, remember that any decals you had on your previous windshield will probably need to be replaced.

Although dealing with a cracked windshield is never fun, it’s not a huge problem when you rely on an auto glass installation professional for help. Residents in Anchorage can count on the Badger Glass team to make quick work of that broken windshield—and get you back on the road in no time. Visit their website to learn about their windshield replacement service or call (907) 522-3927.

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