Wyoming, Ohio

5 Tips From Your Plumber on Preparing for Winter November 15, 2017

Wyoming, Wyoming
5 Tips From Your Plumber on Preparing for Winter, Wyoming, Ohio

Most homeowners prepare for winter’s onslaught by maintaining their heating systems and stocking up on warm clothing—but few think to prepare their pipes. Your Cincinnati, OH-based plumbers at A All Valley Plumbing & Sewer Service highly encourage you to be proactive about your plumbing. It’ll help minimize chances of burst pipes and hot water failures, ensuring your family has a comfortable winter without plumbing-related mishaps.

Cincinnati Plumbers Recommend 5 Ways to Prepare Your Pipes for Winter

1. Winterize Outdoor Plumbing Fixtures

Drain and wind up all garden hoses and store them indoors, if possible. Then shut off the water so you can drain outdoor spigots of remaining water. Failing to properly winterize your outdoor fixtures could cause them to expand and possibly crack.

2. Drain Your Hot Water Tank

Built-up sediment can cause your water heater to overwork itself by absorbing heat; it can also corrode your tank. To prevent both of these issues, consider draining your hot water tank once a year. Doing so will also keep your water tasting clean.

3. Wrap Exposed Pipes

plumberAll exposed pipes, even those indoors, should be wrapped and insulated to prevent water from freezing inside. You can purchase the proper materials, such as foam tubing, from most hardware stores.

4. Open Up Bathroom Vanities, Etc.

When winter finally hits, plumbers recommend opening up all bathroom vanities, cabinets, closets, and anywhere else that houses piping. This will allow heated air from your furnace to reach your pipes and prevent water from freezing.

5. Fix Plumbing Problems

Still haven’t attended to a plumbing leak or clog? Now is the time to finally schedule your repair. Otherwise, the issue may end up becoming something worse. For example, a clog could cause water to build up inside and freeze, eventually causing the pipe to burst due to pressure differences. To avoid having to call an emergency plumber, attend to any plumbing issues now.

If you’re looking for a plumber in the Cincinnati, OH, area, A All Valley Plumbing & Sewer Service is here to help. With a master plumber on staff, plus memberships in the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce, the Ohio Plumbing Association, and other industry groups, they’ll hold themselves accountable for quality work. For questions about their affordable plumbing services, call (513) 733-3311. More information is available online.

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