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Why You Need Seasonal Property Insurance for Your Vacation Home November 15, 2017

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Why You Need Seasonal Property Insurance for Your Vacation Home, Barron, Wisconsin

According to Barron Mutual Insurance Company, if you want to protect your vacation home, a standard homeowners insurance policy may not be enough. This company has been serving eight counties around Barron, Wisconsin, for over 126 years. Here, they outline how seasonal property insurance is different from homeowners insurance, and how it can benefit you. 

The Difference Between Seasonal Property Insurance & Homeowners Insurance

seasonal property insuranceWhen a residential property is your primary residence, it counts to your benefit. If you tell the insurance company you are living on site, the policy amount will benefit from your likelihood of witnessing a fire, flood, or burglary. With seasonal property insurance, premiums tend to be higher due to the lack of occupancy throughout the year. Also, these properties tend to be located near bodies of water or fire hazard zones, which also increases the policy amount. 

How Seasonal Property Insurance Protects You

Insuring your vacation property is just as important as insuring your primary residence. Since these structures are often vacant for longer periods, there is a higher likelihood of break-ins, fires, and other disasters occurring without anyone around to stop them. Since you have no control over these situations, seasonal property insurance will protect your investment in the event of damage to the property or liability on its grounds.

Are all of your properties sufficiently insured? Sometimes, it can be hard to tell if you have enough insurance. Seasonal property insurance will safeguard your vacation properties when you can’t be there to keep an eye out for them. The expert team at Barron Mutual Insurance Company specializes in this and other essential insurance products. Call their trusted insurance agents today at (715) 537-5141 or visit their website for more information. You can also follow the company on Google+ for updates and insider advice.

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