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How to Maintain the Grease Trap in Your Business’ Septic System November 14, 2017

Makawao Ahupua`a, Makawao-Paia
How to Maintain the Grease Trap in Your Business’ Septic System, Makawao-Paia, Hawaii

Your grease trap plays a vital role in keeping fat and grease out of the plumbing. Whether it’s a part of a septic system or sewer connection, the grease trap reduces contamination, improves wastewater flow, and helps you comply with local ordinances concerning the disposal of waste. But to keep it doing its job, your trap needs regular maintenance.

3 Maintenance Tips to for Grease Traps

Get Tested

Your local plumber or septic system company should perform tests when your grease trap is first installed to tell you how much waste you’re producing and how often the trap needs to be emptied. If you haven’t had this testing performed, or if something has changed in the way your business operates, schedule another test today.

Schedule Regular Cleaning

Septic SystemOnce you know how often you need septic tank pumping or grease trap cleaning, stay on top of that schedule. This is one area where you shouldn’t skimp or put off maintenance. Fines for grease contamination of your local sewer can become more expensive than the cost of having the grease trap emptied promptly.

Watch for Signs of a Problem

Even with regular cleaning services, it’s possible for your system to clog or break down. Keep an eye on your grease trap—and a nose too. If you notice any unusual or unpleasant smells, now is the time to get them checked out. Also, if your drains back up, you need service immediately.


Your grease trap is vital in saving you money and protecting the local sewage system. Make sure you’re giving it the maintenance it needs to function. If it’s been a while since the last service visit, schedule one today. If you need a specialized contractor in Makawao, HI, and across the island of Maui, choose B Sales Trucking, Excavation, Pumping & Plumbing Services. Their multi-talented team and equipment will get the job completed, whether you need a septic system emptied or solar panels installed. To ask about the services available, or to schedule a visit, call (808) 264-3281.
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