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4 Causes of Bad Breath So You Can Implement Proper Pet Care November 16, 2017

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4 Causes of Bad Breath So You Can Implement Proper Pet Care, Waynesboro, Virginia

Proper pet care includes exercise and nutrition combined with proactive wellness practices. An often overlooked indicator of an animal’s overall health is their breath. Stinky mouth odors can be attributed to a number of causes that require action on your part to address. 

Pet Care Advice for What Causes Bad Breath 


Eating food with synthetic additives can create pungent odors. It’s important to feed your cat or dog a product your veterinarian recommends for their lifestyle and age. The right diet will ensure your furry friend is receiving the proper nutrients to be healthy.

Dental & Gum Disease

Pet CareDental diseases and decaying teeth produce putrid aromas. Proper oral care like regular brushing can prevent the development of such disorders, but in extreme cases, a dental cleaning may be necessary.

Foreign Substances

When a pet eats a non-food object, it can get stuck in their mouth or teeth and lead to bad breath. Eating feces, sticks, or animal carcasses will cause foul smells. If you suspect that your pet has consumed a foreign object, notify your veterinarian immediately.


Diabetes decreases the immune system’s ability to function, allowing an overgrowth of bacteria in your dog or cat’s intestines and mouth. This results in a distinctly different scent. This condition can be managed by proper diet and medication.

Unpleasant smells can often be managed with at home dental care practices. If your cat or dog’s kisses have been a little funky lately, it might be time to add brushing to your daily routine. For a complimentary dental assessment for your cat, dog or exotic pet visit the team at Woodworth Animal Hospital in Waynesboro, VA. The veterinary team can evaluate and determine the best options for your pet . To book an appointment with Woodworth Animal Hospital, call (540) 942-5163 or visit them online.

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