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3 Insider Tips for Calculating Bowling Scores November 28, 2017

Shelby, La Crosse County
3 Insider Tips for Calculating Bowling Scores, Shelby, Wisconsin

Whether you’re joining a league or taking someone out for a night of friendly competition, it helps your performance to understand bowling on a deeper level. Though the bowling alley offers automatic scoring for you, learning how game scores are calculated will give you an edge. Below is a brief introduction to the process.


Your bowling game will consist of ten frames with two chances in each frame to knock down all ten pins. The maximum score achieved in a perfect game is 300. There are three main types of frames: a strike, spare, and an open. A strike occurs when you knock down all ten pins on the first try while a spare is when you do so on the second attempt. An open frame is when you still have pins up after the second attempt.

Frame Values

bowlingAn open frame is worth the value of the number of the pins you knocked down, which is nine at most. A spare is worth ten, plus the value of your next roll. A strike is the most valuable, coming in at a value of ten plus the value of your next two rolls. A spare can be worth up to 20 points, while a strike can be worth up to 30.

The game changes in the tenth and final frame. A third attempt is allowed if you get a strike or a spare so that you can determine the full value of that roll. An ideal final frame would be comprised of three strikes. If you get a spare in the tenth frame, you will get one final roll. But if you throw an open frame, your game is over.


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