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What Are the Advantages of Combining Cargo on a Pallet Before Shipping It? November 17, 2017

Brighton, Adams
What Are the Advantages of Combining Cargo on a Pallet Before Shipping It?, Brighton, Colorado

Despite the countless conveniences of the modern world, mail and parcel services are not going anywhere. People are always going to need to ship items to one another. Transporting cargo is expensive, though, and if you fail to strategize an economical way to get your goods from point A to point B, you are going to end up paying a lot more than necessary. Fortunately, if point B happens to be Mexico, Paqueteria Hernandez can help. Serving clients throughout Denver and the surrounding area, they have been shipping to Mexico for more than 20 years.

Although there is no weight minimum for their reliable services, clients usually turn to them for transporting large items or small things in large quantities. If the latter applies to you, the most affordable option is likely opting for a pallet. Below, their professional shipping team explains why.

Why You Should Combine Cargo on a Pallet

More Protection

cargoPallets are sturdy and strong, and since they are handled with forklifts, they are much less likely to sustain damage during shipping than individual cardboard boxes. Additionally, because of their sheer size, they are unlikely to get lost en route.

More Affordability

Shipping a dozen packages individually is always going to cost more than shipping a single pallet that contains 12 packages. Whether you need to ship a lot of cargo for personal reasons or business reasons, you can protect your bottom line by combining the boxes and shipping them all together on a pallet.

If you need to ship cargo to Mexico, turn to Paqueteria Hernandez in Brighton, CO. They are happy to pick up boxes at your home or office, and they offer free estimates for all potential clients. Follow them on Facebook to learn more about the parcel services they provide, or call (720) 480-9071 to discuss your needs today. 

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