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What Documents Do I Need to Establish Guardianship? November 27, 2017

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What Documents Do I Need to Establish Guardianship?, Wahoo, Nebraska

Assuming the role of guardian entails a high level of responsibility. Accordingly, you’ll need to provide extensive documentation to establish guardianship, which can be daunting when you’re on your own. Fortunately for residents of Wahoo, NE, The Law Offices of Bromm, Lindahl, Freeman-Caddy & Lausterer can lend assistance with this and many other family law issues. The following is a primer on which documents you’ll need when filing.

Pertinent Guardianship Documents

There are many different types of documents you’ll need to present to the court when applying to be a guardian. From a personal perspective, you’ll have to show that you are responsible for the management of assets for the individual in question—whether they are a child or an adult incapable of managing his or her affairs. It may entail presenting receipts for the purchase of food, transportation, clothing, and home items. You’ll also need to show statements regarding finances, such as banking statements and retirement accounts.

guardianshipAdditionally, you may be asked for papers related to legal aspects of guardianship. Medical documents may be requested, including ones that specify health insurance coverage and costs. Along with these items, candidates are often asked to present wills and trusts and statements referring to education costs.

A Checklist Can Help You Prepare

Due to the wide range of documents requested, it’s good to create a comprehensive checklist to ensure all items are in order. It’s also recommended that you consult with an experienced attorney on your case. A lawyer will help you compile documents, as well as navigate any court proceedings or other legal issues that may arise.

Respected by both peers and clients alike, The Law Offices of Bromm, Lindahl, Freeman-Caddy & Lausterer offers clients keen legal insight that gets results. If you’d like more information on the full range of practice areas covered by this venerable firm, visit the website. You can also call (402) 443-3225 today to schedule a consultation with an attorney in Wahoo to discuss your interest in guardianship.

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