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What Can I Expect From a Child Custody Case? November 28, 2017

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What Can I Expect From a Child Custody Case?, Granville, Ohio

When it comes to family, child custody cases can be some of the most complex to navigate. Preparing for a custody court date can help your odds; not only will you have answers ready for possible questions, but you will also feel calmer and ready to reach a civil decision. Local firm Vernau Law LLC in Granville, OH, has aided many families facing the challenge of a child custody case, and they can provide keen legal insight into the process.

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Child Custody Cases

How Are Decisions Made?

In order to determine custody, judges typically look at which arrangement would prove to be in the best interest of the child. This can entail many different factors, from educational and medical needs to family and home life. Both parents will be allowed to provide testimony on what they feel is the best environment for their child.

How Long Do Custody Cases Typically Take?

Cchild custodyustody cases tend to resolve quickly. Because of this, it’s crucial for parents to have a clear perspective on what they wish to express to ensure their cases are presented in the best possible light. In general, a judgement will be made immediately, and this judgement will stipulate who retains primary custody, as well as decisions regarding the visitation schedule of the non-custodial parent.

How Can I Prepare?

There are a number of ways one can prepare for a custody case. It’s best to anticipate questions and have a response ready. Also, you can bring along witnesses to provide testimony on your fitness as a parent. Lastly, dressing conservatively and conducting yourself in a civil manner gives you a good first impression, especially if there are tensions between you and your ex-spouse.

Over the last 25 years, the team at Vernau Law LLC has provided dependable legal guidance to those facing child custody cases. Schedule your consultation with a skilled Granville lawyer by calling (740) 587-2637 today. If you’d like more information on the complete listing of practice areas, be sure to visit the website.

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