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How Can Shotcrete Benefit My Home or Business? November 22, 2017

Louisville, Jefferson
How Can Shotcrete Benefit My Home or Business?, Louisville, Kentucky

Whether you’re repairing your home’s driveway or building an entirely new structure for your business, concrete can offer the reliable solution you need. But while a traditional concrete application is durable, The Dwyer Company reveals that shotcrete is often the better option. To help explain why, this concrete repair service of Lexington and Louisville, KY, highlights some of the main ways it can benefit both home and business owners.

What Is Shotcrete?

In standard concrete application, dry aggregate and water are combined in a mixing truck to create a balanced material. The mixture must be carefully poured, formed, and compacted to create resilient structures. By contrast, shotcrete is the technique of spraying out concrete using a specialized device combining dry aggregate and water at the point of application.

Why Should I Use Shotcrete for My Business or Home?

Save Time

shotcreteCompared to poured concrete, this option can be applied at a faster rate. Specifically, the American Shotcrete Association estimates that this method takes 33% to 50% less time to fulfill new construction needs. This speed is made possible by the high-pressure application of it, as it essentially eliminates the need for formwork and compaction.

With the biggest jobs only taking a few days to complete, it allows property owners to keep their buildings accessible with minimal downtime required.

Save Money

shotcreteGiven the simple method of application, shotcrete requires considerably fewer pieces of equipment and laborers than what would be expected with pouring techniques. This minimal need for resources allows property owners to receive the same structural benefits of concrete without draining their construction budgets upfront. It’s also ideal for repairing concrete surfaces—such as driveways—that may otherwise require replacement through more expensive means.

Enjoy More Flexibility

While poured concrete works fine when creating flat surfaces, it can be difficult to create unique shapes. Shotcrete’s quick, high-pressure application, on the other hand, is ideal for fitting tight spaces and creating special shapes without the need for labor-intensive formwork.

If you’re looking for reliable residential and commercial shotcrete services in Kentucky or Ohio, the contractors at the Dwyer Company offer consistent results at competitive rates. With their advanced equipment and expertise, this team can apply concrete quickly while avoiding air pockets to deliver maximum structural integrity. Visit them online to learn more about the services offered, which range from slabjacking to comprehensive foundation repair. To request a free estimate, call (859) 231-0998 to reach the Bryan Station office, (502) 489-5438 for the Auburndale location, or (513) 777-0998 for the team in Tylersville.

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