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3 Signs a Loved One Is Ready for Palliative Care November 15, 2017

Wray, Yuma
3 Signs a Loved One Is Ready for Palliative Care, Wray, Colorado

Palliative care has become the preferred treatment for many patients with chronic or life-threatening illnesses. However, it is difficult to determine when it’s the best option for them. The staff at Hospice of The Plains in Wray, CO, stress that palliative care is not just for patients who are terminally ill. Below, they share several signs to help you determine if it’s right for your loved one.

3 Signs Palliative Care Is Best for Your Loved One

1. Multiple Hospitalizations

If a loved one has had several in-patient hospitalizations within several months that all relate to one health issue, palliative care is an alternative. Palliative care focuses on pain management and treatment. By placing a loved one in a hospice, they’ll receive the medical care they need and enjoy an improved quality of life.

2. Difficulty Taking Care of Themselves

palliative-care-hospice-of-plains-incSometimes, illnesses become so debilitating that loved ones can’t care for themselves. When home care services and assisted living aren’t the perfect solutions, palliative care is an alternative—especially if they require daily medical assistance. In this type of setting, whether short- or long-term, their daily needs will be met, and the stresses of everyday living will disappear. They’ll also have all the health care resources they need.

3. Overwhelming Side-Effects

Side effects are grueling following surgery or the early stages of disease treatment. Indigestion, anxiety, pain, and fatigue make it difficult to accomplish regular tasks or relax. Palliative care, even for short-term issues, is an ideal recovery option. It provides an optimized setting to help patients manage side effects so they recover more quickly and get back on their feet.

If you’re interested in learning more about palliative care, turn to the staff at Hospice of The Plains. Their compassionate staff is dedicated to maximizing patients’ quality of life and providing a variety of health care services. Call (970) 332-4116 today to speak with a representative. Visit their website to learn more about their services.

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