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What Is the Best Way to Clean & Maintain Hardwood Flooring? November 21, 2017

Barnesville, Belmont
What Is the Best Way to Clean & Maintain Hardwood Flooring?, Barnesville, Ohio

The key to preserving hardwood flooring is knowing how to keep it clean and scratch-free. Hardwood needs to be cleaned regularly without water to maintain a lustrous finish. Here, the experts at Flag Floors of Barnesville lend their best professional tips to hardwood floor owners in the Ohio Valley. These are the best ways to keep your wooden surfaces sparkling.

What Is the Safest Cleaning Method?

FlooringIt’s crucial to sweep hardwood floors each day to remove dust and debris. However, use a high-quality microfiber mop instead of a broom. Microfiber will prevent debris from scratching the surface and damaging the wood. Since microfiber uses static electricity to attract dirt and dust, the particles will cling to the pad for an easier and gentler cleanup.

Vacuum and wet mop the floors once a week to pick up any particles you missed throughout the week. Make sure the wheels are rubberized and won’t scuff the floor. When you’re ready to mop, use a flooring cleanser specialized for hardwood. Gently go over the wood with the mop, applying the cleanser lightly, as needed.

What Should You Do to Maintain the Polish?

Members of your household likely track dirt, pebbles, and sand into the house every day. Even if you sweep daily, all of that debris can dull the surface of your wood flooring and erode the protective coating. To prevent this, place rugs or mats in highly trafficked areas throughout your home, such as in hallways or the kitchen. You should also have the floor professionally polished every few months to retain its appearance.

With these maintenance tips, your hardwood flooring will last a lifetime. Stop by the showroom at Flag Floors of Barnesville if you’re considering new flooring or carpet for your home. They have everything you need for your next home improvement project, from vinyl and tile flooring to custom cabinets and countertops. Call their one-stop shop at (740) 425-3344 or visit them online for additional information about the company.