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5 Factors to Look for in Commercial Real Estate November 14, 2017

Dalton, Whitfield
5 Factors to Look for in Commercial Real Estate, Dalton, Georgia

If you’re looking for the right space for your business, there are some factors that are essential to look at. Unfortunately, as you peruse commercial real estate listings, it’s easy to get sidetracked by attractive facades and low price tags. Before you start, create a checklist of features and apply it to every listing before you inquire further.

Commercial Real Estate Points to Consider

1. Price

Look through your budget and generate some hard numbers concerning the purchase or rental. Write down a definite maximum and an expected range. Then, commit to throwing out any offer that doesn’t fit those numbers.

2. Condition

There’s a world of difference between real estate that has received regular maintenance and properties in disrepair. Decide beforehand whether you have the resources and time to take on a fixer-upper.

3. Zoning

Commercial Real EstateLook into local zoning laws and see where your business fits. There may be restrictions on serving food, working with chemicals, or having a lot of noise. Make sure any commercial real estate you’re looking at is in a good spot for the business.

4. Expected Changes

Also, consider any new regulations that might affect your business in the future. Don’t get stuck with a property you’ll only be able to use for a few months.

5. Returns

No matter how well-priced or photogenic a property is, pay attention to the actual value of that location. If you need to pull in customers, ask upfront for past performance data in the area. If you’re looking for office space, make sure it’s not isolated enough to scare off employees.

As you choose between the commercial real estate listings available, keep these points in mind. This way, you’ll narrow the focus to the buildings and suites that work best for your business.


Eagle Property Services is a licensed management company for residential and commercial real estate in Dalton, GA. Whether you have a property that needs to be maintained or are looking for a rental, they offer quality and trustworthy service to owners and tenants alike. Get in touch at (706) 508-4370 or online to learn more.

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