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5 Tips for Maintaining Machine Washers December 1, 2017

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5 Tips for Maintaining Machine Washers, Daphne, Alabama

Machine washers make doing the laundry simple, so it can be distressing when one breaks down. Fortunately, there are some simple maintenance techniques to keep everything running properly. For the times when problems do occur, family-owned Mobile Appliance in Mobile, AL, sells washers and other home appliances. Here are a few of their tips for getting the most from your washing machine.

5 Tips for Caring for Washers

1. Don’t Overfill

Packing a washer to the brim may seem like a thrifty trick, but it can lead to much greater expense. Heavy loads put more strain on your machine’s motor, which causes it to break sooner. Divide huge loads into two or three smaller piles.

2. Leave Wall Space

washersIf you live in a small house, it’s tempting to push appliances against the wall to maximize every inch of space. Resist that temptation when it comes to your washing machine. Washers need a few inches of space to avoid pinching the hoses.

3. Clean the Lint Filter

This is a simple, easy tip, but it can extend your machine’s life span. Locate the filter and use a brush or paper towel to scrub it clean. For the best results, do this four times a year.

4. Check Hoses

When hoses rupture, they can flood the room, damaging possessions and causing costly water damage. Check hoses regularly for wear and tear. Replace anything that looks in danger.

5. Use Soap Sparingly

Using too much detergent hampers your washer’s performance. This happens through buildup; soap residue reaches such high levels that it eventually causes blockages. Make sure the amount of soap you’re using is right for your load.

If you’re looking to buy a high-end appliance in Mobile or Daphne, AL, or the surrounding areas, contact Mobile Appliance. They’ve been family-owned for over 27 years, and they sell everything from washers to sub-zero refrigerators to gourmet kitchen appliances. Visit their website to view their products or call (251) 633-3188 today.

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