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What to Expect This Whale Watching Season November 13, 2017

Waianae, Waianae
What to Expect This Whale Watching Season, Waianae, Hawaii

In Hawaii, many locals relish the time between November and May because it means that the majestic humpback whales have returned to Hawaiian waters. Just to get one glimpse of these beautiful creatures is a special privilege, which is why whale watching in the area has become so popular.

Here is an overview of humpback whales so you know what to expect when you sign up for a whale watching trip:

  • Why Do They Come to Hawaii? Humpback whales swim to Hawaiian waters for the warm temperatures. After they arrive, they’ll often give birth, providing the young whales with a safe environment. They are less likely to be bothered by predators closer to shore, so the young have a chance to grow and build up fat for the long journey north. 
  • whale-watchingWhat Are Their Characteristics? Humpback whales are notable for their significant size, with the biggest growing as long as 45 feet while weighing 35 tons. One can be easily distinguished by its hump, its long fins, and the little knobs present on its head. They are also famous for communicating via complex songs with varied meanings. The songs occur during mating season, so they may play a role in whale courtship. 
  • What Can You Expect to See? Luckily for whale watchers, humpback whales frequently breach the surface, allowing viewers a glimpse at nearly their entire bodies. They also tend to engage in slapping behavior with their tails and fins, adding interesting and dynamic motion to the view. As large as these creatures are, their jumps still manage to be acrobatic and graceful feats.


For the region’s best whale watching excursions, sign up with Dolphin Excursions Hawaii. Located in Waianae, HI, these marine education specialists will let you get a close look at humpback whales while teaching you about them. To find out more about whale tours, just dial (808) 239-5579. Learn more about the experience by visiting the company’s website.

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