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3 Things to Know About Mexico Insurance This Holiday Season November 20, 2017

Dumas, Moore
3 Things to Know About Mexico Insurance This Holiday Season, Dumas, Texas

Are you thinking about venturing south of the border this holiday season? Some vacationers may not realize their insurance policies don’t provide coverage while visiting Mexico. However, Mexico insurance can easily fill the gap, covering you where your policies won’t. CIS Insurance has been providing this specialized coverage to their Dumas, Texas, clients for nearly 20 years. Below, they outline the top three things you need to know about this unique coverage.

3 Things to Know About Mexico Insurance

U.S. Auto Insurance Doesn't Provide Mexican Coverage

Your U.S. auto insuranceMexico Insurance policy will not cover you if an accident occurs while you are driving in Mexico. It is a mandatory requirement to purchase Mexico insurance, as it is against Mexican law for any U.S. companies to sell liability coverage. 

You Can Purchase for Specific Times

While some may be hesitant about purchasing an entirely new policy, you can schedule coverage for the specific dates you are vacationing. Whether you are traveling for an extended weekend or an entire month, CIS Insurance will cater your Mexico insurance policy to fit your needs. 

Scheduling Is Easy

If vacation planning has taken up the bulk of your time, know that you can easily set up your Mexico insurance policy online. All you have to do is enter the dates you need coverage, and within minutes, the company will have a custom package created so that you can relax on your Mexican getaway.

If you are searching for a reputable agency that specializes in Mexico insurance, contact the professionals at CIS Insurance. Aside from this unique coverage, they also provide a full range of products, including home, auto, and life insurance policies. Call them today at (806) 935-6512 to speak with a friendly representative, or visit their website for more information. 

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