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Residential HVAC Experts Highlight 3 Appliances That Need the Most Repairs November 13, 2017

Montgomery Village, Montgomery
Residential HVAC Experts Highlight 3 Appliances That Need the Most Repairs, Montgomery Village, Maryland

When it comes to kitchen equipment, the appliances that see the most use also end up needing more maintenance. That's why people in Montgomery Village, MD, turn to the residential HVAC and appliance repair experts at Akor Mechanical. When homeowners call them, they find one of the following is often the focus of their repair needs.

Top 3 Areas That See the Most Kitchen Equipment Repairs

1. Dishwasher

While it's not necessarily an emergency if your dishwasher goes out of commission, it is inconvenient. Even with moderate use, there are a variety of parts that can malfunction, most of which will lead to further damage if they’re left to degrade further. Repairs are recommended for issues with the soap dispenser, drain pump, pressure switch, door latch, and other isolated parts. Larger setbacks may call for a completely new unit, but it's always worth talking to your contractor before making a decision. 

2. Oven

residential hvacSome oven repair issues are tougher to diagnose than others, including inaccurate or nonexistent heating and uneven cooking. For the best results, speak with a residential HVAC and appliance contractor. They’ll get to the root of the problem so you can continue utilizing this essential appliance.  

3. Refrigerator

Fixing a busted refrigerator is a serious matter, especially for those who have a large supply of food and no reliable means of backup preservation. If your unit is cycling too often, leaking, not cooling properly, or even cooling to the point of freezing outside of the freezer itself, it's wise to act fast. A visit from an appliance repair specialist will provide the maintenance you need so you won’t run into similar issues in the future. 

The list above is just a few areas in your kitchen you may have concerns. No matter the appliance, you can count on the residential HVAC contractors at Akor Mechanical to come through with a timely fix. Call them at (301) 250-5251 to schedule an appointment, and visit their website for more on appliance and HVAC repair services.

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